Zimbabwe Nurses Association

Zimbabwe Nurses Association – All You Need to Know


Probably you have heard about ZINA but you have no clue what it is, what it does, who are the members, can you also be part of it and how to be part of it?

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Yes, yes you are at the right  place, all the information you need to know you will get it here free of charge, yes i mean it , free of charge.

Who Is ZINA?

ZINAZimbabwe Nurses Association (ZINA) is a vibrant, energetic non- governmental organization of nurses for the Republic of Zimbabwe.

The Association is a supportive body for all nursing matters geared to education, service, leadership development, standards and quality nursing care.

It aims to effectively ensure a good working environment and good working conditions that ensure comfort and safety of the patient/client and the nurse in every health care institution in Zimbabwe.

It empowers nurses to protect the right to health for the people of Zimbabwe.


It was founded in 1980 and currently has a membership of about 4800 out of a possible members and membership is voluntary.

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Zimbabwe Nurses Association is currently headed by Enock Dongo as the president.

The affairs of the Association are managed by a Standing Committee of 6 members plus 10 Provincial Branch Chairpersons to make up 16 National Executive Committee members.

Zimbabwe has National Nurses Act with a Nursing Council in place and Code of Ethics. Nurses Council governs the practice of nursing.

Zimbabwe Nurses Association members come from all health institutions around the country of Zimbabwe from public sector to private sector.

All qualified nurses who join receive a full membership status and all student nurses and nurse aides who join receive associate membership status.

Retired nurses who remain actively participating in the association may receive honorary membership status.

Zimbabwe Nurses Association (ZINA) as a mother body has subgroups under its umbrella which include the Association of Midwives, Anesthetists, Occupational Health Nurses, and Mental Health Nurse who all are allied to ZINA.

Functions of ZINA

All activities of ZINA are supported and supervised by the elected ZINA Trustee, who assist and guide the National Executive Committee in running affairs on behalf of the association and its membership.

It represent its nurses through its leadership that is sensitive to national health aims, practice and research, advancing nursing through education continuation, influence health policy and partnership improvement and endorsing the best quality standard of nursing care.

ZINA is involved in all nursing issues especially by empowering nursing to protect the right to health for the people of Zimbabwean communities.

ZINA is the voice of nurses in Zimbabwe covering Public Sector, Private Sector, Local Authorities and Mission Institutions.

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Who Are The Zina Associates/Partners

ZINA is affiliated to Regional, International and Local unions/associations to include Southern African Network for Nurses and Midwives (SANNAM), East, Central and Southern Africa College of Nursing (ECSACON), International Council of Nurses (ICN), Public Service International (PSI) and locally it networks with organizations like Public Service Association, Zimbabwe Teachers Association just to name a few.

This scenario is healthy in the running of the Association because exchange of notes and ideas is critical in the Association business.

What Is The Current Status Of The Organisation

ZINA is currently under the leadership of Enock Dongo as the president.

Membership is very low due to current economic constraints which causing members to leave Zimbabwe in search of greener pastures.

 How To Become a Member Of ZINA

Previously it used to be free to become a member, but now you need to send your details including current practicing certificate photocopy and national ID together with a subscription fee of a $1.00 or rtgs equivalent.

The Association is unable to retain Office staff due to poor conditions of service. Therefore the Association is reviewing the subscription fees to meet the needs.

The Executive is not mobile due to shortage of transport for the Executive and the financial status of the organization.

This affects the recruitment drive and educational tour to its valued members. The association has to cover 10 Provinces to meet and recruit more members.

Where Does ZINA Get Funding?

Besides subscription ZINA also get its funding through selling ZINA regalia like jerseys, scarfs and badges though sales are not that high.

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ZINA aims to do other projects such as poultry, rabbits projects, opening tuck shops in every province to sustain itself.

The country is facing financial crisis but the workforce needs reasonable remuneration and this puts the Association under immense pressure to deliver whilst they face hardships from the employer who fails to budge because of lack of financial muscle.

ZINA is currently in need of a sister Association which can bail them by coming up with an emergency fund which can be used to kick start projects which can benefit nurses.

 Problems Faced By ZINA

Lack of finances to meet Organizational costs.

Executive not mobile to meet membership on recruitment drive and educational tours.

Low membership due to apathy.

Low salaries for nurses.

Unfavorable Labour Laws where the Association does consultations not proper collective bargaining.

Lack of funds to pay affiliation fees to organizations like International Council of Nurses (ICN).

List of Nurses Under ZINA

General Nurse

State Certified Nurse

State Certified Traumatology Nurse

State Certified Nurse for Mental Handicap

Primary Care Nurse


State Certified Maternity Nurse

Psychiatric Nurse

Community Nurse

Intensive Care Nurse

Nurse Administrators

Nurse Anesthetist

Nurse Educators

Operating Theatre Nurse

Opthalmic Nurse Paediatrics

Paediatrics Nurse

ZINA Contact Details

Address47, Livingstone Ave, Harare

Telephone: +263 4 700 479

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