Relocate and Work in Canada as a Nurse Assistant-Health Care Worker-Nurse Aide

Relocate and Work in Canada as a Nurse Assistant/ Health Care Worker/ Nurse Aide


UK has closed right? And it is now difficult to relocate as a carer to the UK so you were thinking your dreams to go to Europe have been shattered? No no no take the Canada Route!!!!!!

What is the process of relocating to Canada from Zimbabwe.

What are the requirements?

How much does a Nurse Assistant get in Canada?

Where can I work as a nurse assistant in Canada?

Can I go to Canada  through Care Worker visa sponsorship?

Who are the sponsors for Canada Care Worker?


Probably you are one of those who always have big dreams for Canada, be cheerful, you dream is about to be fulfilled. Most of the people ask themselves if they are eligible to work in Canada. Of course you can work in Canada as a Zimbabwean. This article is going to take you through all the processes you go through, from English test IELTS to visa .

Who is a Nurse Assistant or a Care Worker?

Health Care Assistants/Nurse Assistants provide care for clients in a variety of facilities which includes  long term care, acute care, and assisted living, as well as through home support agencies. They assist patients with complex health challenges, as well as cognitive or mental health challenges. Nurse aides and health care assistants work in nursing homes, assisted living, hospice, hospitals, , correctional institutions and other long-term care settings.

What are the duties of Nurse Aides/ Nurse Assistant/Health Care Worker ?


These are duties of a nurse aide or care assistant in Canada:

  • Answering call signals
  • Providing and empty bed pans
  • Assisting baths, dress and groom patients
  • Assisting in feeding of patients and assist patients with menu selection
  • Daily weigh, lift, turn, and position patients
  • Preparing patients for operations such as shave patients prior to operations
  • Supervise patients’ exercise routines
  • Set up and provide leisure activities for patients
  • Accompany patients on outside recreational activities
  • Take patients’ vital signs such as blood pressure, temperature and pulse
  • Report or record fluid intake and output
  • Observe or monitor patients’ status and document patient care on charts
  • Collect specimens such as urine, stool and sputum
  • Administer suppositories, colonic irrigations and enemas and perform other procedures as directed by nursing and hospital staff
  • Administer, in emergency situations, first aid to injured or ill individuals within the scope of competencies
  • Transport patients by wheelchair or stretcher for treatment or surgery
  • Carry messages, reports, requisitions and specimens between departments
  • Make beds and maintain patients’ rooms
  • Maintain inventory of supplies
  • May perform maintenance tasks such as assisting with the set-up and maintenance of traction equipment, cleaning or sterilizing equipment, maintaining and repairing equipment, and assembling, setting-up and operating job-related equipment
  • May transport patients between care facilities.
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How long and How Much are the shifts for Nurse Assistants/Nurse Aides and Health Care Worker?

Basically nurse aides, orderlies and patient service associates  work between 35 to 40 hours per week thus means between 4 and 5 days a week working for at least 8hours per shift. Shifts also varies some maybe day shifts and some maybe night shifts so you will be given preference depending with the department you will work. Remember each institution has its rules and values.

Salaries for Nurse Assistants ranges from $24 to $28 per hour, so basically it is about $47000 per year on average. However what you get is determined by how you work, if you want to work for more hours let’s say you can extend to work 12 hours a day for 6days that means your will get more extra money for those extra hours.

What is the process of relocating to Canada?

Well I will explain the Zimbabwean process of relocating to Canada. So on June 3rd Canada announced a new caregiver pilot program. This will allow caregivers to land in Canada and get a permanent residency on arrival.

This is a great opportunity as there will be no hustle of the work permit processes and you can switch employers or fields anytime you want because you have a Permanent Resident status

 Here are the 4 main requirements for the program.

    1. You must have a minimum of LEVEL 4 Understanding the Canadian Language (CLB) Canadian LEVEL Benchmarks, simply means English proficiency and Level 4 is the basic. They require it just to be sure that you will be able to communicate in English. It is simple and no one fails this test if you are a Zimbabwean and least you attended school. All you need is to book for your International English Language Test System (IELTS) with British Council and have your IELTS in place.
    2. You must hold the equivalent of a Canadian high school diploma. Meaning that the minimum education requirement is a high school diploma in Canada but for Zimbabweans that’s your O’ Level certificate. If you have your O’ Level certificate you must have it evaluated with The World Education Services (WES). This is a digital platform to evaluate credentials for immigrants.
    3. You must have clinical work experience of at least 6 months to 1 year. It means you must have been working in a hospital , clinic or nursing home as a health care worker or nurse aide. This one for Zimbabweans most of you already have the experience since you have tried the UK route. If you don’t have start it now and have your paper work ready.
    4. You definitely need a job offer as a full time health care worker / nurse assistant
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Here is where you are suppose to put yourself in order, it seems hard but it is possible. What you need is to get your professional CV if you don’t have. Start applying for a job.

Where do you apply?

You can use use links such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Jobbank and many others. Most employers in Canada they post their vacancies in this links so all you need is your smart phone and internet and you are good to go. You can also apply to institutions directly. Use google to search for nursing homes in all Cities of Canada. You are highly hired if you apply for cities in Rural Canada. There you will get in contact with the employer direct. It is high time you have your diary to write down all nursing homes and their contacts. Start your journey now.RECEIVE AN OFFER FOR A FULL TIME HOME CARE JOB *

I will  put some important links and websites to look at  in the comments. Good luck !

Please Note: This program was recently announced and not yet launched therefore you must have your paper work ready so that when the program starts you will not be left out. Remember everyone is looking forward for this opportunity, it is not for Zimbabweans only , so every one from different nations who is eligible to go and work in Canada is getting ready that means competition is tough. Canada is the best country to be!!!!!!!!

The last thing to put in place is your money, remember you will need to have other small things to be done such as police clearance, medical checks and more so have your savings in place. Also consider Visa Applications and Flight tickets, just have your pocket full. However Sponsors might be there to assist you but at least be ready if you can. You can also use local Agents if you are not good at doing things yourself. For those who will need agents in Zimbabwe you can send your emails to

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