Nurse Training Vacancies in Zimbabwe

In this article, we talk about nurse training vacancies in Zimbabwe and how you can get a nurse training opportunity. The greatest moment in the nursing field is the day you receive the offer letter/letter of acceptance from your favourite school of nursing.

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It is a great opportunity to study nursing as it is a good stepping stone for a brighter future. Remember when you are trained under the government of Zimbabwe, you don’t pay fees rather you are paid to learn. If you really want to join the fraternity go through this article as well as previous articles to assist you on how you can start the journey.

It may look like a very long journey but it is not that much difficulty. After you sit down and make a decision that you want to be nurse, you go through different nursing training schools and you have a list of your favourite schools at hand.

You now need to search for availability of vacancies which I said in the last article it is only found in the newspaper (The Herald and Sunday Mail). You can not apply at any school of nursing at any time of the year. Below are the guidelines for the time that vacancies are published.


January Intake – The January intake National e-Recruitment of Registered General Nurse Training portal is open from 1 November to the beginning of December.

May Intake      –  If you desire to apply for May intake the portal for applications is usually opened from 1 February up to the end of February.

September Intake- The September Intake is usually advertised from mid-June to Mid July

. This is subjected to change depending on the situation. Applications must be submitted using the Electronic Platform and click on the e-nurse link which will take you to the registration page.

Register on the website in order to start your application. Please do not forget the ID number that you used to register as well as the password.

The cost of accessing the Electronic Application Form is changed with time and applicants should follow the instructions on the website for payment (No additional payments are required as this is the only fee to be paid).


If you are shortlisted you will be required to bring the following for interviews, original and certified copy of Birth Certificate, National Identity Card, Ordinary Level Certificates, Marriage Certificate where applicable, Advanced Level Certificate if attained and 2 passport size pictures with the applicant’s name at the back.

Submission of two references of which one must be from the Headmaster of the school where Level Examinations were undertaken will be required from the selected candidates.  Manual verification of the academic and identification certificates will be done on the day of interviews.

MoHCC emphasizes that ‘’No monies must be paid to anyone and this new recruiting method was made to avert corruption. Prospective candidates must utilise our platform and make sure it is the official platform.

Individuals who are caught duping people will face the music. We are saying ‘zero tolerance to corruption in student nurse recruitment’’


You may wish to start by going straight to do a degree in nursing you will then have to go to a university. Applicants are invited every January of each year and they are also posted in the local newspapers.

Please note that if you are studying with a university you will be required to pay university fees.


“O” level with five subjects grade C or Better including English Langauge, Maths and Science

“A” level with three good passes in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.



  • Must be registered with the Nurses Council of Zimbabwe as a General Nurse and possess a current practising/ licensure certificate.
  • Minimum of 5 ‘O’ level passes with Grade ‘C’ or better or their equivalent (excluding Fashion and Fabrics, Woodwork, Metal Work, Technical Graphics and Building).
  • English Language and a Science subject are a must.
  • Should be a practising nurse with a minimum of at least 2 years post qualification experience.


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