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How to Become a Urology Nurse in Zimbabwe


What is Urology? How to become a urology nurse in Zimbabwe? What is the basic salary for a urology nurse? Are you able to work outside Zimbabwe when you train as a urology nurse in Zimbabwe?

What are the qualifications and requirements for urology nurse in Zimbabwe? How long does it take to become a urology nurse in Zimbabwe?

Will I undergo bonding if I train as a urology nurse in Zimbabwe? How long is the bonding? Are there any fees needed if I want to be trained as the urology nurse?

This platform is going to help you get all the answers for the above questions. Keep scrolling down until you get all the answers.


In simple terms, urology is the branch of medicine concerned with the urinary system of both males and females.

It also covers health conditions related to male genitals and male reproduction.

There are several organs, and their components, that comprise the field of urology. Urologists routinely treat patients for problems with:

  • The Bladder
  • Kidneys
  • Adrenal glands (located on top of each kidney)
  • Ureters
  • Urethra
  • Testes
  • Epididymis
  • Vas deferens
  • Seminal vesicles
  • Prostate gland
  • Penis


Urology nursing is a specialty that focuses on conditions of the urinary tract, including a patient’s bladder, kidney, and urethra.

A urology nurse cares for both men and women who are have urologic issues or preparing for surgery like vasectomy, prostate surgery, or bladder surgery.

The urology nurse performs urinary health exams, assists with catheterization for problems like bladder incontinence or to obtain sterile samples, administers or educates about medication, and educates patients how to maintain and promote urinary health.

They also educate patients and family members who have questions and concerns.

Urology nurses are well versed in educating patients on the risks and complications of urologic treatment and surgery.

Urology nurses work in clinical facilities like hospitals, offices, and outpatient care clinics.

Urology nurses work with a wide range of patients, but generally adults. There are pediatric urologists who may work with pediatric urology nurses.

In that case, urology nurses work with all age ranges, including babies to the elderly.

They also must be familiar with a large variety of urology conditions, medications, and operations.

Urology nurses work a variety of shifts dependent on their facility.  Office and outpatient nurses will work during the day, but urology nurses on hospital inpatient units have the ability to work either day or night shift.

Urology nurses are present to assess and educate those with health conditions and urologic complications.

They are able to assist with office, outpatient, and inpatient procedures.

Urology nurses share a meaningful role with patients during a time where they assistance, support, and education.


Urology is a post basic course for general nurses who are already practicing as nurses in Zimbabwe.

Registered General nurses have an option to specialise usually after two years of work experience you will qualify to specialise.

In Zimbabwe, a urology nurse must undergo post basic training in Urology which is a one year course comprising of theoretical and clinical attachment .

Urology training is done at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals with one intake per year.

After finishing the course, definitely you have to pass the course, you’ll be then register with Nurses Council of Zimbabwe and you start to practice as a specialist nurse.

In Zimbabwe urology nurses are also referred to as Renal Nurses.

After you qualify as renal nurses in Zimbabwe, you will be able to work in private sector or Government. You will be also eligible to work outside Zimbabwe using your qualifications.


Renal/Urology Nurses are paid according to where they are employed. Like any other nurse in civil service, renal nurses get slightly higher salaries than general nurses although it will be within the same range.

Those renal nurses working in private organisations commonly get their salaries in usd which ranges from $700 to 1000usd depending with the organisation.


To train as a renal nurse the following requirements are necessary:

  1. Diploma in General Nursing with 2 years work experience post qualification.
  2. Registered with Nurses Council of Zimbabwe
  3. 5 O’level including English language, Maths and a science subject
  4. National identification card and academic certificates.
  5. Applications are done through post or hand delivered at the Hospital once they advertise.


There are NO FEES required if you are trained by the Government. Only private sectors require some fees.

However if you are to be trained under Government you will be required to sign a bonding contract which states that you will work for Government for 1 year.


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